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Xtar MC2 Plus Charger

Xtar MC2 Plus Charger

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MC2 Plus Features

1. Micro USB Powered

2. Tiny Display

3. Automatic Currents


As an XTAR Charger

1. 0V Activation function revives over-discharged batteries.

2. TC/CC/CV three-stage charging maximizing battery lifespan.

3. Precisely cut off at 4.2V when the battery is fully charged.

4. Current buffering technology keeps batteries from violent currents.

5. Reverese-polarity / short circuit / overcharge / overheat protection.

6. Made by flame retardant material.



Model : MC2 Plus

Input : DC 5V 2.1A

Constant Current : 1Ax2 / 0.5Ax2

Package Content : Charger, USB Cable, Manual

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